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Inbound Keyword Link Building

Does the following sound familiar ?

You have carried out SEO on your website and had 100s of inbound links set up but your website is still way down the Google results for your targeted keywords.

You still only appear bottom of page 2 or middle of page 3 and page 4 of the results for your targeted keywords and can not seem to get them any higher whatever you do.

Well, I can help you reach first page Google for your keywords.

I will carry out that extra special link building that will move your website up the Google results and onto the first page…

My Link Building service:

I charge a startup fee of £75 to begin my link building process.

Then you pay NO MORE untill your website is first page Google for your targeted keyword/s.

Once your website is first page Google I charge another £75 and then £75 a month thereafter as a maintenance fee for keeping it there.

If at anytime you no longer want to carry on paying the monthly fee you can stop and I will remove the links to your website.

To speak to me about my link building service:

call me on the number below:

07522 312 284

or e-mail: