SEO Process Leicester

I have been achieving first page Google for clients since 2001

The way it all works is that first we decide on which keywords are relevant to target for your kind of business.

Most of the time the keywords to target are fairly obvious. For instance if you are a plumber and you cover certain areas rather than nationwide then your targeted keywords would be something like:
Plumbers Leicester
Plumbing Companies Leicester
Qualified Plumbers Leicester

Once we have decided on which keywords to target I have all the information that I need to start on the SEO for your website. Once I have the SEO ready to place on your website I will require your control panel login to do so.

Once I have placed the SEO on your website I then start the offsite SEO link building.
The offsite SEO link building is a very important part of the SEO process.
Without the offsite link building carried out your website may appear in the Google results for your targeted keywords but it would only appear way down the results on page 6/7 for instance and would never reach the first page..

Reaching first page Google requires a combination of onsite SEO and offsite SEO (link building).
Without both being carried out just right your website would never reach first page Google.

Once I have carried out the onsite and offsite SEO we need to wait for Google to find both SEO changes.
When Google has updated your website listing and found some of the offsite SEO links your website will start to appear in the Google search results for your targeted keywords.

A weekly positions report will be sent to you so that you can see the progress that your website is making in the Google results.

Once your keywords have reached first page Google my job then becomes a case of maintaining them and ensuring that they remain on first page.

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